Adventures in African Cooking, South Of The Sahara


A continent with a great diversity of climates, Africa has a rich culinary heritage and a formidable wealth of produce and recipes with varied cuisines and flavors.

In her debut cookbook, Anto Cocagne takes us on a unique food journey and introduces us to the best pan-African recipes from Gabon, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Senegal, Congo, and beyond. We will discover the main characteristics of these cuisines, the specialties of each region, the produce, the ideal pantry, the basics, as well as mouthwatering recipes for appetizers, main courses, side dishes, street food, desserts, and drinks.

Saka Saka: Adventures In African Cooking, South Of The Sahara will be a must have.

With stunning full-color food and landscape photography, by Aline Princet, complemented by beautiful and colorful design, this book is an ode to conviviality, generosity, and positivity. It is a love letter to Africa.

And since no one evokes a cuisine better than its daughters and sons, African musicians, writers, artists, and creatives share stories about their favorite dishes, their family cooking memories, and what these recipes represent for them today.

Anto Cocagne, known as Chef Anto, is a Gabonese woman chef who studied culinary arts in France and the US before starting her career as a chef and consultant on African cuisines in Paris. She is the artistic director of Afro Cooking magazine, president of the “We Eat Africa” food festival, and star of the African TV series Rendez-vous avec Le Chef Anto. Her ambition is to popularize African cooking throughout the world.

Anto Cocagne (Writer) and Aline Princet (Photographer).  Saka Saka: Adventures In African Cooking, South Of The Sahara. Interlink Books, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA. Hardcover. $30. 208 pages. 2022.