All About the Black & White Cookie

Video courtesy of the New York Times.

What makes the perfect Black & White cookie? The New York Times’ Melissa Clark went on a quest to find out. The beloved Ms. Clark hit up some of the most famous spots that specialize in this very special cookie and did some serious research. Melissa then took this acquired knowledge and applied it to creating the perfect version at home. Trust her when she says that her Black & White cookies are tender, moist and smells like vanilla, almond and lemon. The texture is more like a cake than a cookie, as it should be. It’s perfect!

This is a cookie that for many people sums up everything they know about deli culture in New York City. Culturally now linked as a Jewish treat, it has no specific Jewish roots besides being a classic German cookie, but with no specific religious undertones. Still! As the official dessert of the delicatessen it has made a home in the Jewish community.

It’s not just this video that’s great: go check out Melissa’s magnificent body of work, her contributions to the NYTs Cooking section are treasures. Writing brilliantly on Jewish cooking, although not exclusively on the topic – Melissa even sold me on the Instant Pot, bless her! I have never looked back.

Get the recipe: http://nyti.ms/2XY6ZQa

Photo by Yossy Arefi.